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Lake Hills Bellevue Remodel

Location: Lake Hills, Bellevue, WA

Project Type: Interior Remodel & Garage Addition

Project description: This 1960's Bellevue home needed some updates to make it more modern and functional for our client. We redesigned the home's entry to make it more visible and inviting on the exterior and more light and functional on the interior. The primary suite was relocated to the basement and includes an electric fireplace, dual closets, and larger bathroom. We also created a family room and home office in the previously unfinished basement storage area. Upstairs, the kitchen was opened up and doubled in size thanks to relocating the dining area. We opened up the dark stair well and updated all of the bathrooms as well. Now the client enjoys spending time together in their kitchen and living area!

Structural Engineer: Caitlin Rose Engineering, LLC + Mainly Engineering, LLC

Builder: ANK Construction, Inc.

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