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a render view of a modern custom home, black exterior, large windows, cedar soffits, waterfront home, vacation home

Do you have big ideas for your home, but you aren’t sure how to execute them? Want to open a wall but you don’t know if it’s load bearing? Is there a room that just doesn’t feel put together, but you don’t know what it’s missing? Have you ever started a home improvement project that seemed easy only to find it was much more involved than you thought? Have you ever been confused by building codes or frustrated by a contractor’s lack of communication?

Perhaps you’ve considered talking with an architect or interior designer but are unsure where to start, concerned it will complicate the project, or increase the budget too much. You may see design services as just another fee but by the end of this article, you’ll understand the true value in hiring an architect and designer. They are involved in every phase of the design and development process to provide holistic, creative, and sustainable solutions to meet your requirements.

Let’s demystify the role and value of an architect and designer! A qualified design team will add value to your project by:

1. Minimizing the unexpected

2. Empowering the homeowners

3. Providing a holistic approach

floor plans for a home design

1. Minimize the Unexpected

As a homeowner, you may have experience with home improvement projects. Maybe you even consider yourself a seasoned DIYer. However, if you are considering a major remodel, an addition, or a custom home build an architect is invaluable. Seasoned architects have completed years of schooling to understand the building process. They know what to expect, the right questions to ask, and what needs to happen to streamline your project.

When you hire an architect, you not only receive their skill, but their years of experience, and industry connections. A good architect will help guide you through the process of designing your project, obtaining surveys, working with structural engineers, applying for permits, and negotiating with contractors. It's important to avoid errors and add-ons during construction. Architects are trained to listen, observe, analyze, think creatively, and present design solutions in a visual, graphical 2D/3D form. They help you visualize and imagine a space or a building before it's created to help minimize unexpected roadblocks and expenses once construction begins.

design board, interior design, design options, finish selection

2. Empower the Homeowner

If hiring an architect and design team feels intimidating, start with an interview to explain your project, and ask some questions. A good team should help you feel empowered, educated, and excited about your project! Their job is to advocate for your vision. One of the most challenging parts of any home project is taking the vision and communicating it clearly. An interior designer will help pull together your space(s). They understand your requirements, personality, and observe the unsaid. Architects and designers have the expertise and software to put your full vision on paper and communicate it with everyone involved.

Your architect will create detailed plans that, once approved by you, are used to obtain permits and source accurate estimates from contractors. Your designer will listen to your vision for the space and pull together finishes that work well together and meet your functional and aesthetic needs. As a team, they will help you feel confident in your decisions by showing you how your project design and interior selections flow together with detailed plans, design boards, renderings, and samples. Throughout your project, your architect and interior designer will both advocate for your vision and support you in communicating with the many parties involved to make sure the project is done right.

a render and finished image of a custom home, contemporary home, PNW home exterior, stone exterior

3. Provide a Holistic Approach

A good team will be with you from start to finish to make sure your project is completed accurately and you are satisfied with the end result. A great design outcome stems from a holistic approach to the ‘issues/ problems in a space. A team that’s with you until completion is invested in your entire project, not just the initial design concept. The thoughtful, intentional, and holistic design will save you money, heartache, and time. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out building codes or following up with contractors, your architect can utilize their expertise and connections on your behalf. Instead of feeling unsure about design decisions and purchasing items you later regret, hire qualified professionals trained to work within the constraints. Instead of the stress of the unknown, you will rely on your team to walk you through from start to finish with confidence.

Are you ready to create the home you’ve been dreaming of? Home improvement projects always include some unexpected challenges, however, engaging the expertise of a good architect and interior design team will:

1. Minimize the unexpected

2. Empower the homeowner

3. Provide a holistic approach

After reading this article we hope you understand the tremendous value in hiring an architect and design team! Archius Design is a full-service firm with a team of architects and designers to help you complete your residential project! We provide our clients with key insights on the different phases while educating them along the way.



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