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Creating a dream home is a huge investment of time, money, and energy. Whether remodeling, adding on, or building custom, some homeowners avoid hiring an architect to try and save money. At Archius, we believe that hiring an architect from the start of your project will actually save you time, money, and energy! Here are just a few of the things our architects do that save our clients countless hours and money in the long run

Exterior of a modern home at dusk with a covered patio, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor living space. Home is dark gray with lots of large, black framed windows.


First, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your project from the start. They can answer almost any question you have and if not, they know how to find the answer that is accurate and applicable to your project, in your area! Additionally, our team is able to plan and sequence your project to avoid duplicate work and maximize waiting periods.

Close up of architectural plans and renders for a home addition


Because of industry connections, we are able to recommend trusted surveyors, structural engineers, and geo-techs who will give you the best service for the price and ensure your project is designed to last. As a homeowner without industry rapport, finding these professionals will take time and it may take weeks or months to get on their schedule.

As architects, we consider local codes and home styles to help you see a maximum return on your investment. We have worked on many different kinds or projects in a variety of neighborhoods and we know how to help you achieve your goals while maintaining a cohesive look. We also interface with your local jurisdiction to obtain permits in a timely and accurate manner, ensuring you see full resale value on your completed, permitted project.

a new custom home being constructed

Because of our experience we are able to recommend trusted contractors and provide them with detailed plans to get you the most accurate bids. A majority of budget increases on residential projects occur because contractors did not have an accurate picture of the project when they bid. Details matter, and we take the time to understand your end goal and communicate it accurately. In addition, we provide your chosen contractor with a highly detailed spec book including plans, elevations, design boards, and finish schedules and make real-time revisions to make sure your design objective is clear.

interior finishes, flooring, tile, samples


At Archius we provide complete interior design services as well. Whether you are remodeling, adding to your house, or building a custom home there will be hundreds of decisions to make regarding the finishes in your home. An interior designer will help create a cohesive vision for your space to make the decision making process more streamlined and focused, saving you time and money over the course of the project and ensuring that your finished space fits your vision.

Architect meeting with contractor and overseeing construction on a home addition.


Finally, we attend site visits and walkthroughs as needed during construction. Verifying plans are followed throughout the building process minimizes mistakes and miscommunication and most importantly, makes your dream home a reality!

Our architects do all this to minimize stress and keep the homeowner in the driver’s seat. When carried by a homeowner with no industry connections, these tasks take hundreds of hours and often add costs or cause long delays (which equal cost increases) due to overlooked details. It pays to hire a good architect from the start of your project!

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